Kangaroo Valley Accommodation: Little Pig Creek romantic luxury cottage - Guest Reviews

Photographer/videographer Ed Hurst gave a review in the form of beautiful images and time-lapse video.
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View Over the Back Fence
Sand Collection
Sand Collection
Sunroom at night

Thank you for sharing your plot of paradise with us once again Loo. This was our 4th visit over 14 years and the feeling of pure peace when stepping through the door never changes. We have shared lots of laughs, great music and lovely chats over long glasses of various selections of alcohol. Three fabulous friends sharing a truly wonderful time at Little Pig Creek.

Thank you Loo, see you again soon LPC (we will miss the place). Leanne, Jacqueline, Roneen. September 2017

It has all been said so many times and in so many ways. Little Pig Creek has given so much joy to so many - it is a place full of love, friendship and devotion. It leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all who stay here. Thank you Loo for fulfilling Peter’s intension and for giving us all a place to rest and rejuvenate in such comfort and beauty.

With love, Jan & Peter. August 2017

We came here to escape the madness of Sydney and enjoyed every minute. We spotted a magnificent wombat and loved the friendly kangaroos. This is our second stay and we will be back later on in the year. Thanks again Loo - you do it so well!

From Alan and Lucas and Louise. July 2017

Our second stay in your beautiful home. LPC in winter is just scrumptious. The beautiful fire, the crisp air and the frosty mornings. Our last stay was in summer. We are aiming to experience LPC in every season. Our next visit will be in autumn with our lil’ boy we have on the way. Thank you again Loo, by sharing your home you have made a lot of people happy.

Jules and Ed. July 2017

Your wonderful house feeds my soul….It feels as though we have come home to visit friend…..So warm, relaxing, we feel ‘cocooned’ and it is literally a slice of heaven. Little Pig Creek is truly an extension of you, Loo, even though we’ve not met you and we leave feeling like we want to get to know you ‘more’. We shall return, again and again.

Inspired, Marisa and Edwin. June 2017

What a glorious place! We absolutely loved: the outlook, the gardens, views from the windows, log fire, furniture collection, knickknacks collection, booklet with the background of the building of the hose and where the furniture etc. came from, being here, welcoming G&T, just about everything. Thank You!!

Penny, Lindsay, Anne, Roy. May 2017

A magical and peaceful place. We loved staying here. The gardens are wonderful - loved the roses, the birds bathing in their little birdbath, the curious kangaroos and the swing ball! We’ve taken some amazing photos as my daughter is completely into art. Lots to read and view. The furnishings and artworks are really amazing. We will definitely come back. My daughter particularly liked the daybed by the fire. We are sorry to leave so soon but feel really restored in such a short time.

Mary-Lou, Andy and Chiara. May 2017

I can’t put into words how magnificent this place is! From the beautiful garden to the lovely decor, Little Pig Creek is truly magical. What a lovely way to spend Easter with the family.

Fiona, Corky, Audrey, Ewan and Caitlin. Turramurra, NSW. April 2017

What a wonderful setting to bring our family from Spain, UK and Canberra together. Your attention to detail made for a thoroughly fabulous stay and even the rain didn’t detract from the beauty of LPC. I am already looking forward to my next stay and will be in touch. Don’t change a thing here, it’s perfect.

Jo (Canberra), Jane (Spain), Maureen (UK). March 2017

What an oasis and a treasure trove. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary here. Read books, slept, discovered piggies, had champagne as the sun set watching the hill at the top of the garden. Made use of the fantastically stocked kitchen. Learned the ancient ways of the Zanussi. Slept in and drank in the quiet. Walked the Three Views Trail. Also loved the village with friendly folk at the general store and great coffee and food next door. Loved it all. Thanks Loo.

Dani & Liam, Bundeena. February 2017

My all-time favourite place to stay. I have to credit Little Pig Creek with finishing my book chapters, not to mention my general sanity. Beautiful garden, serene house – thanks Loo! I’ve loved every minute of it every time I’ve stayed.

Mary, Sydney. February 2017

We were in Kangaroo Valley for a dual 50th, which was great, but Little Pig Creek was the highlight……..by a nose!Thoroughly enjoyed the company of the resident lizards! Over time you travel to many places and stay in many different accommodations, the vast majority of which fade into a distant, forgotten memory. Your magical house will not.

Many Thanks, Marcus and Jane. January 2017

What a divine sanctuary you have created here, and so many generous touches. We have absolutely loved exploring the house and garden, you can really feel the love that has gone into it all. If only Melbourne was not so far away! We will be back. Thank you Loo.

Conor, GK and Frankie. January 2017

The most amazing sanctuary, thank you! The new garden is gorgeous Loo - great job. We loved sitting on the bench, watching, listening, smelling this amazing environment you have built. Admiration for Peter’s dream! Thank you for sharing it with us all, we are very, very lucky. See you agin soon.

Jenni and Michael. November 2016

Possibly the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. Love the garden, love the stone and timber, love the design and build of the house.

Chris and Lyn, October 2016

Thank you for sharing: Your garden, the birds, the boxing kangaroos, the fire, your home and the love in it, the herbs and citrus fruit, and most of all for inspiring me to be a better person. The positive vibe here is beautiful.

Thank You, Toni. September 2016

What a lovely home! From the moment we stepped inside we felt welcomed and embraced. A delightful colour-filled change to the bland modern buildings that are so common. Connecting to the story behind the building of the house was another heart-felt touch. We loved the fire and the extremely comfortable bed. I had a hard time stirring myself off it. A very good base for points of interest in the area - visiting Arthur Boyd’s house at Bundanon was a highlight. Thank you Loo for sharing this special place with us.

Meg and Jan, August 2016

Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality - when we walked in I said to my hubby “this is my dream home!” I delighted in the array of textures and textiles and the way you have up-cycled so much with impeccable finishes - you are one very talented woman! I really enjoyed reading about the history of the house and everything in it. So many things here remind me of my own travels as well as my grandmother’s house. There is so much joy, love and luxury within these four walls. Our daughter Olive really enjoyed exploring the garden, smelling flowers, foraging for oranges that had dropped off the tree (and she ate one!) and playing with the piggy in the bath. I loved the G&T on arrival, the furry leopard print water bottles, the gorgeous robes, relaxing in the bath, lying on the daybed by the fire and sleeping in the comfy bed (with gorgeous bed spreads!) There was nothing else we needed. Our stay was perfect in every way. Thank you again Loo. This is a very special place, and one which we just have to come back to.

Alex, Joe and baby Olive, July 2016

The warmth and mesmerisation of the fire, Waking up to the birdsong, Finding the love heart rock in the shower, The red grape leaves out of the window, The nectar eating bird that hovers like a humming bird as it drinks from the flowers, the perfume of the violets in the rain, 2 days spent not leaving the property, exploring the garden with our cameras, enjoying & relaxing in this amazing house, The sanctuary of the bath, The beautiful treasures you’ve collected near and far, The swarms of wrens that flit around the garden from one corner to the next and back again, The heart and the wren hedges in the garden, can’t wait for the pig to grow up, The peace and serenity that LPC brought us.

Until next time, Jenni and Michael, June 2016

My wife and I needed a place to come and unwind. We got more than what we bargained for in this beautifully made house. The aura surrounding this place and all the elements which add to it’s charisma is felt and puts you at ease. A true gem!

We loved it, Nick and Adriana, May 2016

One of the things I love is the fabulous large dining table, perfect to spread out the work and get into it with refreshed vigour. However I have to keep stopping drink in the lovely ambience. Maybe that works, maybe this is how it should be. It makes me curious, with your exquisite sense of style, what have you chosen for your next place……..your ability to reclaim, recycle, re-use is inspiring in this era of plasticity and waste

May 2016

Hi Loo I loved staying at Little Pig Creek. We saw a lizard in the bathroom. I think the garden is lovely, we watered the plants in the garden. I loved playing with the toys. Love from Ingrid. Hello Loo this is your friend Sasha. Little Pig Creek has been a very special place to me. I loved your garden. We saw lots of pretty birds and we even saw some rabbits too. We did so much fun things. Goodbye Loo xoxo. Thanks Loo, as you can see we had a lovely time. The cottage wants for nothing - so many thoughtful touches and the garden is wonderful!

Sarah, Dave and the girls, April 2016

A brief couple of nights for us old school chums hooking up on an Antipodean adventure! 50-somethings taking it easy! And what an exquisite surprise to enter the environs of Little Pig Creek. As many others have discovered - you are entering the world where much blood, sweat and tears have gone into building and creating this magical space. Carefully chosen artefacts from travelling placed with such consideration. Then there is the garden. Constant discoveries of borrowed landscapes and topiary creations; both figurative and abstract. And for me being a lover of benches - the lichen covered bench was just exquisite. A perfect couple of days R&R on my way home from the NZ festival in Wellington. I hope I can return one day….

Ulf Mark Pedersen. March 2016

As always and without doubt one of the most magnificent places on the planet. Complete magic and a glorious sanctuary to recharge in every way. Thank you and see you (well, your house!) again as soon as possible.

All the best, Val. February 2016
Sunroom bookcase
Eclectic textiles
Eclectic textiles
Little Pig Creek sign
Original LPC sign

This place has been the perfect retreat. We’ve loved every nook of LPC - from reading all the history of it out on the deck, sipping on G&Ts, curling up on the daybed for hours, becoming scrabble addicts in the lounge……We just feel so relaxed! Thanks again for creating such a haven and letting us experience it - we’d love to come back.

Melissa and John, January 2016

Perfect escape for our week away from the city. Fell into an easy routine of bush, surf, then long afternoon readings and siesta with dinner out in the evenings. Highlight was the wrens splashing in the stone birdbath. All the best ‘till our next visit.

Ben and Kath, Sydney. January 2016

Your place is truly magical. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Loved the small touches and details - the little pigs dotted around the place, like a treasure hunt, the flowers in the garden, the wind chimes/mobiles, the cushions and rugs, the bath tub. We hope to come back soon.

Tanya and Marra, December 2015

We had a fantastic weekend where my husband and I reconnected without kids for the first time in years! It is such a special place with a fantastic atmosphere and such attention to detail. We really appreciated all the little touches, Loo, that go far beyond what we would expect and reveal what a passionate and creative person you must be. Thank you.

November 2015

What a magical place you have created Loo - makes you want to stay forever. We have loved everything from the blue wrens tapping at our window, the cockatoos eating the grapefruit and the kangaroos in the paddock. The house is certainly a masterpiece. We love the open plan and the garden is gorgeous!

Heather and John, Orange, October 2015
Succulent garden
Succulent garden
Bedroom Windows
Bedroom Windows
Deck and House from Garden
View of Deck and House from Garden

What a perfect ‘Fathers Day weekend’ at LPC! There was something to feast your eyes on and enjoy at every turn! The house is so thoughtfully put together and everything here ready and welcoming, it has quite blown us away. It is, without doubt, the most wonderful place we have stayed in. Staying here we realise how little thought we have put into our own home…….something we are inspired now to put right! Can’t wait to come back.

Tom, Rachel & our two little piglets!, Sydney, September 2015

We had a wonderful 2 night stay @ LPC. My 7 year old loved the tether tennis in the backyard. The gardens are stunning and the house has so much personality, we’ll be sure to return. Thank you Loo for sharing your wonderful home.

The Easters, London/Redfern, August 2015

Just two nights is not enough! In fact, we have been spending a lot of our time fantasising about how we will build something similar so that we can have this pleasure always. We have had a wonderful time enjoying cups of tea, lighting the fires and making fresh fruit juices from the abundance of fruit laden trees. Three girlfriends having a really good catch up could not think of a better place to do it. We think we have our new annual tradition - living wholeheartedly at LPC. What a treat! Thank you. You have inspired us in so many ways.

July 2015

Thank you for a wonderful stay at LPC! Words cannot describe the beautiful energy this place has. Celebrated my 23rd birthday here and it couldn’t have been more magical. We love how every unique treasure has it’s place. Feels as though we are staying at a friends house. This stay has created unforgettable memories! We will be back! Love & peace. Frank and Lorey, July 2015

June 2015

We are convinced LPC is magical! My wonderful husband surprised me with a long weekend for my 50th birthday - it was sheer bliss! You have created something very special. So relaxing, warm and comfortable. Best, Alison. I came here with a 50 year old. I leave with a 25 year old. Magical place. Stuart.

June 2015
Pig Collection
Pig Collection
Leadlight window
Leadlight window
View from deck
View from deck

Hard to fault actually. Well done on a very wonderful garden. A great place.

June 2015

Thank you once again, the girls and I love coming here, to relax, cook and have a good belly laugh with each other. We sang and danced and played games. It was a much needed break for all of us so thank you!! We want to come back every year!

Jill. June 2015

What a tranquil and soothing energy - it has pervaded our head space and we have had a magic weekend! Thank you for the generous inclusions in your lovely home. It was a very special find!

Nick and Karen. May 2015

A timeless treasure. It just felt good here, there is home in the wood of this house.

Yvette and Adrain, Sydney. April 2015

Thank you for sharing LPC with us. It has made what has been an amazing honeymoon even more special. We didn’t really even get a chance to explore KV because we couldn’t leave this place as it was so beautiful!

Bron and Paul, Melbourne. March 2015

‘It is hard to describe just how warm, serene and playful this place is. As soon as we stayed here for the first time, we immediately booked to come back, next time for longer. It is stunning and light filled, quirky and peaceful. Kangaroo Village is close enough to walk or drive to if you want a change of scene but there’s no need to go anywhere. It’s a place to just relax, read books and recharge your batteries. It makes this Little Piggy just want to stay home!’

Adrian and Ailsa, Melbourne. March 2015
Eclectic Decor
Eclectic Decor
Sand Bottles
Sand Bottles
Garden of roses
Garden of roses

Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxed stay. The house is very beautiful. Enjoyed your music very much! We loved reading the history of the house - what a great achievement!

Anna and Alf, Canberra, February 2015

It’s not often that the place you stay can be so much the destination. Totally enjoyed the atmosphere of the house and garden, antidote to having finally finished my phD draft on Friday (5 1/2 years).

Will be back, February 2015

A lovely first visit to this magical place. It transports you to a world of magic and bewilderment. The attention to every detail is astonishing, and the generosity of things left and included for guests, to ensure the stay is perfect. In 3 days I will back in the cold of the UK and this short trip will leave many fond memories and food for thought.

Vanessa, UK January 2015

WOW is a most inadequate word. Instantly relaxing, stunningly beautiful, and the most spotlessly / shiningly clean accommodation I have ever entered. I would not even look at staying anywhere else next time I want a time-out in the Valley.

Julia, Camden December 2014

What a beautiful cottage! The minute we entered, we felt at home and at peace. You have thought of everything possible that your guests might need. Time slowed right down for us and it made our special weekend last longer.

Lori and Terry, ACT. November 2014

We love this place. It’s like being invited to stay by your mates with the excellent taste, who then have the common courtesy to bugger off and leave it to you for a few days. We can’t wait to be back.

Ailsa and Adrian (happy penguins), Melbourne. November 2014
Glass Spoon Mobile
Glass Spoon Mobile
Recycled front door
Huge recycled front door
Persimon leaves on the hedge
Persimon leaves on the hedge

We recently stayed a few days at Little Pig Creek, for some much needed rest and relaxation away from the city. We were not disappointed! This incredible property is well loved and maintained to perfection – providing everything you could possibly need to tuck yourself away. It is truly a home away from home and I look forward to the next visit!.

Louise, Sydney. November 2014

It was fantastic place to stay for my wonderful trip. we have enjoyed very much in your house, the house is such pretty, beautiful and comfortable to stay. i love it, my family love it…I will definitely visit back in the future.

Helen, Sydney. October 2014

My husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary here, only to return 5 years later to celebrate our 10th last weekend. It was like visiting an old friend, continuing on where we left off. The fragrance floating through the french doors was simply divine, as I lingered on the lounge with a good book. The rooster was an early wake up call, but we simply fell back into sleeping bliss with our comfort surroundings. Loved the change to the bathroom set up. It was lovely to find little notes hidden in places that other guest had left

Frances, Sydney. October 2014

We had a lovely time at the Little Pig Creek. My kids are still complaining to have come back so soon! We loved the art pieces that you have so tastefully kept. My husband enjoyed the fireplace and we had an amazing time! More than that I am impressed with how thoughtful you have been in keeping the kitchen stocked with basics like oil, spices, cordial, drinks etc. It just adds to the comforts and lets you enjoy the time off better. Thanks a lot for the way it was. I’m sure we will be visiting again - just to enjoy the LPC :)

Shilpa, Sydney. October 2014

From the moment we walked up the path & into your lovely home we fell in love. reading the history & where you have collected all your pieces from added to the special place. You have created a beautiful sanctuary and we loved staying.

Melissa and Bruno, Sydney. September 2014

It would be hard to find a more tranquil and relaxing place - the simple rugged elegance of the cottage, the lovingly chosen furnishings and the delightful scenery of the gardens. It rained the whole of our stay, but we could not have cared less - cosy by the fire, relaxing on the day beds, snug in the bedroom - we didn’t need anywhere else! As an architect, I can only marvel at the extraordinary amount of hard physical labour expended by Peter (& Loo) in LPC’s creation, but between you, you have created a minor palace. We plan to come back - thanks Loo for letting us share your world.

kCaroline and Ian, Sydney. August 2014
Cactus on Box
Cactus on Box
Autumn Dahlias

Our stay at LPC was wonderful. From the moment we arrived and walked through the charming garden to stepping through the front door and exploring each room we were attached. The whole experience was really relaxing and rejuvenating. We will definitely return to enjoy the warmth and comfort of LPC again. Thanks Loo.

kind regards, Kath, Sydney. July 2014

Thank you so much for such a great break in your beautiful home, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at LPC and could have stayed forever, bit depressed on our last morning! We will return, hopefully same time next year. Just a quick question, what incense do you use, I just loved it?

Cheers, Cate, Sydney. June 2014

This is such a special place…..I have so enjoyed reminiscing about my past memories of LPC, uncle Pete, transplanting rose bushes with you….to name a few. The garden has grown and filled the surrounds of LPC with even more beauty and tranquility…the house itself is just overflowing with love. After staying here even for one night you feel cared for, relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s the little things….random notes in secret places, chairs perfectly positioned to catch the sunlight, all the items lovingly selected that tell a story.

Thanks again, Jade and Amy, Sydney. June 2014

Once again, an amazing stay at a beautiful harmonious place. Almost a year to the day we returned for fires, warmth, good company, food, celebration and relaxation. This place has a special part in our lives and hearts, and we look forward to coming again, next time bringing some new little ones with us. Four friends, two couples, two pregnant ladies and two fire-building wood-carrying warriors who settled in for far too short a time at LPC. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, our full bellies and relaxed souls - you have a beautiful home

Phil, Svanthe, Anthony & Kate, Sydney. June 2014

Little Pig Creek is like entering a different world, a world that tells a story and that makes you feel like you have travelled several thousand miles but instantly makes you feel at home,The place is so beautiful and the gardens are amazing,to see and read the history of the place,I cannot begin to imagine the work that has gone in to growing and planting everything, and then the cows and the kangaroos just makes it perfect! I cannot wait to take my little girl there next time, it’s magical!

Anna, Sydney. May 2014

Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful house with us. I also owner-built my place so I can see all the love, effort and wonderful times you and Peter had, building the dream! Your home is amazing, warm, friendly, charming and unique….we love the decor and the ambience and spiritual connection. We loved studying the special detail of all the pigs in different forms, the stone work around the fire, all the wood work, the southern cross stars on the bedroom ceiling and the bathroom to die for!

Cheers, Dave and Gabriela, Newcastle. May 2014
Succulent collection
Quirky decore
Quirky decore

As I said in your guest book it is hard to find anything more to say than what has already been said. It really was a lucky find for us and was the highlight accommodation of our holiday. We caught the seasons just right with your garden and the Valley in full autumn blaze. We loved listening to your ‘chill out ‘ music and ‘chilled out’ is certainly the feeling one gets immediately on arrival. Your attention to every detail means instant relaxation. Had we had a longer stay and with more people we would have made serious use of your very well equipped kitchen. Once again many thanks and thank you for sharing the cottages very personal history with us in your photo album.

Brian and Lorraine, Goonellabah. May 2014

Our 11th visit in 11 years and the joy as we arrive is as fresh as it was all those years ago. I don’t know how you do it, but we’re so pleased you said that you’re keen to keep doing it. A thousand thank yous yet again, and we’re already looking forward to our next visit to LPC

Sean and Jenny, Sydney. April 2014

So much fun!!! We had so much fun :) It was my first visit but feels like I’ve been coming for years. Looking forward now to the years ahead at LPC and all the extra FUN we’ll have!

Thanks Loo, Tam, Sydney. April 2014

What to say that’s not said before? First impression: Love this place we are definitely coming back! First night:Slept 11 hours. Haven’t done that since I was a teenager must be something in the air. Second night: Couldn’t be bothered going out, ate kumera & cashew nut curry (excellent). In bed by nine o’clock, peace! Third night: Found my favourite album, cooked pasta lots of dreams. This place: comforts, repairs, revives and gives the chance to be! I could stay here a long time, alas not yet.

Thank you Loo, KB, Sydney. March 2014

This weekend is our first wedding anniversary and we could not have celebrated more perfectly. This house is enchanting! The moment you walk through the door all your troubles and worries disappear. My husband and I had one of the best weekends of our lives. We drank wine, listened to the fantastic lpc cds, lay in front of the fire, played board games, had a long bath with incense and walked around the gardens. It makes it impossible to leave because you honestly can’t remember feeling this relaxed, in love and truly peaceful. The house is perfect from the offerings of yoga mats to the soft Egyptian cotton robes.

Warmest wishes, Sydney. February 2014

Deny and I have had the most amazing anniversary we could have ever imagined. Your cabin is truly magical. Everything that embodies a peaceful and calming experience is found under one beautiful roof. We fell completely head over heels in love with each other again and mostly with the cabin itself. We’ve never stayed anywhere that gave off so much positive energy, so much love and so much tranquillity.

All of your kitchen utensils and facilities were state of the art and so well looked after. Your music cd’s were some of the best mixes we’ve heard and we had them playing all weekend while we lay on the day bed and relaxed. Deny lit a fire on Saturday night and it was so cosy and perfect. I had such a calming bath on Saturday after a day of hiking and lit some of the incense and read my book with a glass of red wine, I was in heaven. We had breakfast outside on the patio and enjoyed a very funny game of the tennis tether in the back yard. I also loved your box of dress up items, we didn’t find it until Sunday unfortunately but thought it was a gorgeous touch. I fell completely in love with the soft Egyptian cotton robe in our bedroom and wore it throughout the weekend.

We are both spiritual and passionate people who appreciate positive things in life and your cabin is certainly just that, if not, a purely magical experience. We read the story of the cabin and Peter’s wish for it to remain so peaceful and beautiful and you can tell that so much love and personal detailing went into the making of this beautiful house.

We will keep Little Pig Creek in our hearts for a very long time and hope to be back very soon for another wind down weekend, to forget life’s trials and just fall into a comatose state of indulgence and luxury relaxation.